The conference will take place at the University of Insubria, with scientific sessions being held in Varese and Como and a final session in memory of Nicoletta Morello at the Visconti di San Vito medieval castle in Somma Lombardo. This area of North-Western Lombardy is also known as the Italian ‘lake district’, located within the mountains and the attractive scenery of the Prealps bordering Switzerland.


Participants will be based in Varese and transport for the sessions in Como and Somma Lombardo will be provided. The morning scientific session in Como will be followed by a half-day visit of the city. There will be a special program for accompanying persons.





Monday 2nd September (Varese) – Welcoming reception.


Tuesday 3rd September (Varese) – Plenary sessions at the University of Insubria.


Wednesday 4th September (Varese) – Plenary sessions at the University of Insubria.


Thursday 5th SeptemberMid-meeting field trip


Friday 6th September (Como) – Plenary session at the University of Insubria; afternoon walking tour in Como (historical-scientific heritage and building stones).


Saturday 7th September (Somma Lombardo) – Plenary session at Visconti di San Vito Castle.


Sunday 8th to Thursday 12th SeptemberPost-meeting field trip.