The Mid-meeting one-day Field trip (5th September) will follow the path of the geo-paleontological excursion on the Prealps north of Varese, undertaken by the participants of the 7th meeting of the Italian Society of Natural Sciences in September 1878.













Stone of Viggiù (calcarenite), a building and decoration material employed by stonecutters and artists  (Viggiù, Varese)


The Post-meeting five-day Field trip (8th - 12th September) will include the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monte San Giorgio, one of the most important fossil localities in the world for the Middle Triassic (studied since the mid-19th century), historical mining sites and quarries in the Prealps, and other localities in the western Alps, including the morainic amphitheatre of Rivoli-Avigliana, Oulx and Monginevro. The Field trip will also include a guided tour of the ornamental stones, Egyptian Museum and National Museum of the Mountain in Turin city.


Marble in a quarry (Ornavasso, Verbania)